Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention is an approach that allows for control data according to its content, regardless of origin, location, or transmission.

A DLP solution (Data Loss Prevention) is the combination of tools and trials able to identify, monitor, and protect reserved data, according to business policies, industry and governement rules.

In particular, a DLP solution is able to:

• Identify reserved data inside net storage (SAN / NAS, file servers) database and endpoint (workstations, laptops);

• Monitor the network’s traffic, inspecting all protocols that could be a means of data exchange, for instance HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, Instant Messaging;

• Protect data by applying  business policies curated to accomodate content, consumers, user groups, and means of transfer (net, USB key, CD / DVD) etc.

• A DLP solution performs its control functions by analyzing content and any peculiarities that characterize it from traditional system controls.

Benefits of a DLP solution:

  • Knowledge implied for reserved data management: identification and location of reserved data in the IT infrastructure
  • Reduction of the risk of accidental or fraudulent diffusion of reserved data through the net and mobile devices
  • Simplification in the safety management of reserved data
  • Reduction of the risk image loss related to improper disclosure of reserved data
  • Being in compliance with the normative  regarding custody and treatment of reserved data
  • Complete visibility, thanks to the reporting tools and handling of reserved data inside the IT infrastructure
  • Customer awareness and education on  reserved data safety and on the policies adopted by the company


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